Published on November 19, 2016

Luca Tombolini

Published on November 19, 2016

During the summer of 1941 these white limestone hills saw a massacre of 4000 to 10000 people, the exact number remains uncertain. It’s the Slana concentration camp, on Pag island, Croatia. The prisoners corpses were piled high in mass graves or thrown into the sea after they had been executed or had died by exhaustion. We know this from a document from lieutenant Santo Stazzi, who was in charge of the disinfection of the camp when it closed down in September 1941 and who tells a story of brutality, fear and annihilation.

Luca Tombolini spent a lot of time recording on this peninsula: sharp stones, heat, the glare of white reflection, thirst, silence, peace. “Time stands still when I’m there, the place radiates serenity and what happened only a few decades ago is inconceivable. But its presence is around; still, at night you breathe quietly and stare into the void. This is what they saw.”

Luca Tambolini
Luca Tombolini was born in Milan. After pursuing classical studies he got a degree in Sciences of Communication with a major on visual rhetorics in italian cinema. While studying at university he came in contact with photography and started to experiment with large format analog cameras, which he currently uses. His photography follows a fascination for desert and primordial spaces. He finds no other places so helpful to meditate beyond everyday life. His photography therefor explores subjects of contemplation, the Self, the Unconscious and the perceived reality.

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