Published on October 20, 2016

Francois Ollivier

Published on October 20, 2016

Francois Ollivier shot his series Journée (Journey) during a roadtrip from France to Portugal through Spain. “The whole thing was quite a solitary experience. I spent dozen of hours in a small car, with too many records to listen and too much time to think and overthink,” The series is built following the way the sun moves during a day (journée in french) and it’s change of light. Olivier did not have anything special in mind when he was taking photographs every day and night. “It appeared to be a first person story, a collection of beauties from the obvious to the the most intimate, the things that trigger emotions on a very personal level. So this is what I saw. Unlike most of my recent work, there are very few humans in the images and when there is one, it’s not something I really planned.

Francois Ollivier uses photography to make simple factual observations and also to gather people, places, lines or lights in a setup that will exist only once. “Why only once? Because I can be somewhere i’ll probably never go back to or because it involves someone i’ll never see again. I feel lucky on both situations.”

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François Ollivier is a self-taught photographer born in the south of France, he’s lived and worked in Montreal since 2011. He wishes he had a great story about inheriting his first camera from his grandfather or something like that, but he simply bought it in a store. Olivier has studied languages, traveled quite a lot, designed lighting for theatre as a first job and then spent several years being a creative ad guy. He now focuses full time on his photography, doing both creative and commercial works.

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