Published on September 26, 2016

Egill Bjarki

Published on September 26, 2016

In 2012 Egill Bjarki made a jump and relocated from the Icelandic plains to megacities of Asia. Bjarki’s series partly mimics the empty and spacious nature from Iceland while simultaneously being unmistakably urban. The result are smartly composed, bright and balanced cityscapes that have an empty feel. “The density of cities can be quite overwhelming, especially for someone from Iceland. Looking back, perhaps that is the main reason why I have been subconsciously gravitating to create these empty scenes.

Egill Bjarki (b. 1983) is an Icelandic photographer and filmmaker. He is educated as a commercial photographer but likes to take an artistic opproach to photography whenever possible. Seeking new challenges and adventures, he relocated to Shanghai in 2012. Bjarki currently lives and works out of Hong Kong. His work reflects his Scandinavian roots and is minimalistic and direct, both in composition and style.

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